Vision of the Institution:

Not simply to succeed but to surpass - Vince te ipsum (surpass oneself). Foster a vibrant milieu focusing on U.G, P.G. technical education and inter-disciplinary research of remarkable standard, fulfilling social concerns and global economic demands.

Mission of the Institution:

• Nurture human talent into proactive professionals and achieve excellence through discipline, perseverance and creative thinking.
• Impart and disseminate knowledge through industry-institution interaction and encourage newer services for human development.
• Facilitate world class technical education through innovative research and development programme related to indigenous technology.
• Shape management and technological practices in India by creating new frontier of knowledge, developing new generation of ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial and socially sensitive technocrats and employable global citizens.
• To fortify the institute to turn into a trustworthy Centre for Education, Research, Development.

Quality Policy

We are committed towards providing personalized quality services by understanding the students and the parents. We will also work towards continual improvement in Quality of our Services by adapting the International Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008 as the minimum requirement.

Vision of the Department:

Developing the young mind as powerful, able, esteemed and educated professionals, who might lead the nation to a superior future.

Mission of the Institution:

• Providing quality education, student-centered teaching-learning processes and state-of-art infrastructure for professional aspirants hailing from both rural and urban areas.
• Imparting encourages independent thinking, develops a strong domain of knowledge, honest contemporary skills and Positive attitudes towards the holistic growth of young minds.
• Developing for academic and research excellence in Pharmaceutical education which will be the world leader in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences with the mission of strengthening the healthcare.



Convert natural human talent to proactive Pharmacy professional and to contribute their creative thinking in the higher education, research and development of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


To provide students with fundamental and advance concepts in the various fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences as per the requirement of Pharmaceutical Industries, Community and Health Care Services.


To prove a platform to upgrade the knowledge of manufacturing in Pharmaceuticals through industry- institute interaction and industrial training for their academic and professional growth in life.


Encourage the students to learn and participate in Entrepreneurship, training program for their skill development and self employment opportunities.


To inspire the graduates for lifelong learning through necessary orientation to absorb the novel technologies and  undertake leadership role in the society.